Dyson’s Newest Blowdryer Just Debut at NYFW, and I Saw the Whole Thing


Just when you thought Dyson had churned out every possible version of a blowdryer, they dropped another one. On Thursday, February 8, the Dyson Supersonic R made its New York Fashion Week debut backstage at Christian Siriano. I got a close-up look at the tool in action as hairstylist Lacy Redway and her team used it to create sleek, gold-dusted buns.

The tool’s name is a clear reference to its unique R-shaped design, which might look funny at first but was designed with ergonomics in mind; it was inspired by five years of hairstylist feedback. After surveying hundreds of stylists, Dyson found that the biggest complaint among pros when it comes to blowdryers is how often they have to adjust their angle during an appointment. The shape of the new Dyson tool aims to remedy that.

Aside from the tool’s unique shape, Dyson also boasts that the Supersonic R is Dyson’s “smallest, lightest, and highest-performance styling innovation.” The brand says the tool is roughly .071 pounds, making it 30 percent lighter and 20 percent smaller than the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer. After holding it myself backstage, I can personally attest to that lightweight and compact feel.

My first thought after being handed the device was how great it would be for traveling stylists — those airline weight limits are not forgiving. The surface of the blow dryer felt velvety smooth to the touch and provided a firmer grip as compared to the Airwrap and original Supersonic. The smaller size of the handle makes it easier to hold, too, it didn’t feel bulky in my small hands. The noise emitted was quieter than the original Supersonic dryer — despite the hectic nature of the backstage scene with multiple dryers blasting at once, hairstylists were able to use their inside voices.

Both Redway and hairstylist Jawara (who used the new tool on models for the Helmut Lang show) further highlighted how lightweight the new blowdryer is. “It feels super-duper light and I’m into that,” Jawara told me backstage.

<h1 class="title">Dyson Supersonic R Blowdryer</h1><cite class="credit">Dyson</cite>

Dyson Supersonic R Blowdryer


Redway geeked out over the new attachment memory technology in the Supersonic R, too, which allowed her to alternate the tool’s three attachments with visible ease. Using Radio Frequency Identification technology, the device remembers the last heat setting used with each attachment. I watched Redway swap back and forth between the pro concentrator attachment and the flyaway attachment multiple times without having to adjust the heat setting (flyaway taming requires cooler air).

The only catch is that the $570 Dyson Supersonic R (and its 10 compatible attachments, sold separately) will only be available to professional stylists when it launches in April. If you happen to be one of them, you can sign up for the waitlist here.

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