Eagles fans re-create Philly Special in awesome gender reveal video

It’s the play that will live on forever in Eagles lore. It’s even been tattooed onto arms. And now it’s being used to celebrate new lives as well.

Twitter user “Donny Football” posted a gender reveal to Twitter on Sunday, and he used the trick play “Philly Special” to find out he’s having a daughter.

It’s the same play the Eagles ran to score a touchdown in their Super Bowl LII victory over the Patriots.

The ‘Philly Special’ takes a new meaning

Up 15-12 with just seconds remaining before halftime, Philadelphia faced a fourth-and-goal. After calling a timeout, the team decided to go with the “Philly Special,” a trick play they hoped would catch the Patriots off guard.

It worked perfectly. Nick Foles walked toward the offensive line, appearing to bark instructions to his lineman and eventually ending up behind right tackle Lane Johnson. The Eagles then snapped the ball directly to running back Corey Clement, who sprinted to his left and pitched it to Trey Burton, a former college quarterback. Foles released off the line and found himself wide open in the endzone for an easy catch.

It’s a really well done and detail-oriented recreation of the iconic play. It includes the fateful timeout conversation between Foles and head coach Doug Pederson that determined they would run the play, the pre-snap motion and matching Eagles shirts to boot.

It’s a play that will live on forever in the hearts of Philadelphia faithful, especially for this creative father-to-be. The next diehard Eagles fan is on her way.

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Nick Foles’ “Philly Special” catch is still being widely celebrated in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)