Eagles fans replace Brady Street sign with one honoring Nick Foles

After the Philadelphia Eagles won their first-ever Super Bowl on Sunday night, the city of Philadelphia pretty much exploded. Fans took to the streets of downtown Philly and climbed light poles, chanted things about Tom Brady, and celebrated with police officers who were just excited as they were.

The celebrating was intense. So it should surprise no one that more than 12 hours after time ran out on the field, it’s still not stopping. It’s calmed down a little bit from when fans were actually carrying light poles down streets and climbing the fence to City Hall, but it still has that celebratory edge to it.

You saw exactly what you think you did. Two Eagles fans brought a ladder to a sign for Brady Street, set it against the pole, climbed to the top, and stapled a homemade street sign onto the original one. Eagles fans are so over Tom Brady that even a sign for Brady Street can’t be tolerated. And the sign they put up over (not Tom) Brady Street is absolutely perfect.

Eagles fans staple a homemade “Foles Street” sign onto an actual street sign in Philadelphia. (Twitter/@ubiqlife)

Foles Street! While some people might be a little confused about where Brady Street went, you’ve gotta give those dudes credit. Their homemade street sign looks pretty realistic. They did a good job, especially considering the epic tiredness and alcohol related hangovers that have probably befallen much of the Philadelphia area. They’ve got some celebration stamina, that’s for sure.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine there’s a single resident of Philadelphia who would object to changing Brady Street to Foles Street, even just temporarily. But putting up a sign of their own doesn’t make it actually official, sadly. That homemade sign will be gone by tomorrow and Brady Street will be back, but the Foles Street sign will live on the hearts of Philadelphians forever.

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