The Earliest Toyota 86s Are Old Enough to Get a Factory Restoration Program

toyota 86 restoration program
Early Toyota 86s Get Factory Restoration ProgramToyota Gazoo Racing

The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ reignited competition in the affordable sports car segment when they arrived at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2011. After more than a decade since that initial debut, Toyota has just announced the 86Re:Project, which serves as a proper factory restoration program for 86 owners in Japan.

The 86Re:Project has been specifically designed to accommodate first-generation Toyota 86 owners in Japan who want to see their sports coupe return to its original glory. The program begins with a full inspection of the vehicle, during which point Toyota employees will replace any components deemed too knackered for continued use. We aren’t just talking about wheel bearings and brake rotors here either, as the process involves a deep inspection of the engine and other powertrain components. Engine internals are inspected and washed, while the valves get a decarbonizing treatment. Customers can even opt to have all of the vehicle’s rubber mounts replaced if they so choose. Following the service, each car will be tested on the brand’s own course to ensure all of the work meets Toyota’s high standards.

Toyota hasn’t announced any pricing models related to the 86Re:Project, though each restoration will be unique to some extent. As of now, the project is only available for customers in Japan. The GR Garage Fukuroi in the Shizuoka Prefecture has been cranking out builds since October 2022, but more Toyota GR dealers throughout the country will be offering services soon.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an automaker in Japan offer a restoration program, with both Mazda and Nissan offering similar packages for their respective Miata and Skyline models. Considering how popular the 86 twins have proven to be in the United States, we’d love to see a program like this find its way stateside. For now, you might want to brush up on your Japanese if you're looking to get your 86 restored.

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