The Easy Ice Cup Hack To Keep A Pitcher Of Beer Cold

A pitcher of beer surrounded by ice
A pitcher of beer surrounded by ice - Peter W Haas/Shutterstock

Hosting a dinner party or get-together comes with its own set of challenges, and ensuring that your pitcher of beer remains cold shouldn't be one of them. You've just pulled the beer from the fridge, knowing it won't stay cold for long -- and lukewarm beer doesn't do justice to its full-bodied flavor. You find yourself without chilled mugs and are not keen on watering down your beer with ice cubes. Before you fret, here's a brilliant solution: Use an ice cup to keep your pitcher of beer cold.

First, grab a plastic cup and fill it with ice. Then, transfer the cup to the pitcher of beer, letting it float gently within. The floating cup of ice acts like an ice pack or temporary internal cooler for all the beer in the pitcher. Even better, it will stay cold without getting diluted or watered down. Of course, carefully remove the cup of ice before pouring the beer.

This ice cup hack will help ensure that your beer stays at an optimal temperature, ideally from 38 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the American Homebrewers Association. While you bask in the company of good friends and good food, you can rest assured that your delicious beer stays cold and refreshing.

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Enjoy A Chilled Pitcher Of Beer With Easy Ice Hacks

Two glasses of beer
Two glasses of beer - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Suppose you find yourself without a plastic cup but still want to keep your beer nice and cold. Fret not! A sealed plastic bag can give you the same results -- and with less risk of spillage. Fill a sealable plastic bag with ice, seal it tight to ensure that no water leaks, and lay it on top of the beer in your pitcher. The sealed bag of ice trick creates a broad cooling surface without the hazard of waterlogging your beer.

And, for those worried that the cup of ice could spill over, the bag provides a more stable storage vessel for all the ice. Both the ice cup and sealed bag of ice methods are excellent strategies for maintaining the ideal cool temperature of your beer. With these hacks in hand, your dinner party will be remembered for your warm hospitality, not the warm beer.

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