Eat Lots, Lose Weight

Dieting would be a breeze - if it didn't make us so hungry. Enter  Volumetrics, the science-backed strategy that doctors and big-portion lovers swear by. Here, a slimming cheat sheet of the latest findings of Penn State nutrition professor Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., author of The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet:

1. Start with a high-water-content appetizer. Subjects who ate non-cream-based soup or a green salad ended up consuming fewer total calories by the end of the meal.

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2. Incorporate nutritionally dense, low-calorie foods (broth, greens, luscious fruits like watermelon) into main entrées to make them heartier - for instance, 3 ounces of salmon served atop a plateful of spinach or 3 ounces of chicken sliced and stir-fried with a big bowl of broccoli and sprouts.

3. Brush your teeth or chew minty gum before eating - subjects who did so ate less.

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4. Choose airy snacks, like mousse-style yogurt, rice cakes, or puffed cereals. These combine well with a small piece of cheese or a handful of almonds to make you feel more full.

5. Add fruit to dessert - whip up crumbles and parfaits with more fruit and just enough starch or dairy to satisfy taste buds.

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