Effortlessly Make Brownie Bowls With This Muffin Tin Hack

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There's nothing like ice cream slowly melting into a bowl made entirely from a brownie. And the internet has no shortage of brownie bowl-making hacks. But if you've ever tried to swirl brownie batter around a muffin tin or carefully carve a half-baked brownie into a bowl, there's a good chance you've wound up with a lot of mess and not much in the way of edible eats. It turns out that there's a simple way to create a brownie bowl that only requires two muffins tins, your favorite brownie recipe (or box mix), and a carton of ice cream.

This brilliant idea will end any meal on a sweet note and these bowls only take a few minutes to mix and bake but are sure to turn heads as an after school treat or at the next bake sale (just make sure to store them properly). Brownie bowls also freeze well and can be defrosted in the microwave for a fast individual treat or when feeding a hoard of hungry kids at the last minute. The best part about this fast and delicious dessert is that all you need is a muffin tin to make this hack happen.

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Simple Brownie Bowl Method

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To create individual brownie bowls, start by mixing your favorite brownie recipe or opening a box mix and following the instructions on the back. Grease a muffin tin with non-stick spray, and then carefully spoon (an ice cream scoop would work very well here!) batter into each cup, ensuring only to fill each a little less than halfway. If you fill the cups too much, the batter will overflow when you move on to the next step.

Once the batter has been spread out evenly, spray another muffin tin on the bottom with non-stick spray and then place (cup side down) directly into the filled container. Bake the brownies as long as directed and allow the batter to cool completely before removing the inserted tin. If you remove the brownies too soon, the batter will stick to the inside of the inserted tin (at which point you'll be making brownie cake pops, not bowls).

Troubleshooting And Alternate Options

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Not all brownie recipes are the same, and some mixtures may not work well with brownie cups. If your batter sticks or breaks too much, try an alternate recipe. You can also try to press a second tin into a newly cooked batch of brownies (while still warm) to attempt to create a cup, but you'll have to do this carefully to avoid smashing the brownies too much.

Brownie bowls dry out quickly if they aren't kept properly. To prevent this, wrap each individually in plastic or eco-friendly wrap. You can also freeze the bowls individually or in sealed containers (let the bowls come to room temperature before eating). Freezing brownie bowls is a great way to have dessert ready any night of the week. You can also try making brownie bowls with white or strawberry chocolate and filling them with anything from hot fudge sauce to whipped cream.

Try making these versatile bowls with cookie dough or a blondie recipe for a different twist on the classic brownie bowl. With this brownie hack, a delicious and edible ice cream sundae bowl is never far away.

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