Eight-year-old model from Texas makes her runway debut at New York Fashion Week

8-year-old Natasza Jarosz. Image via Instagram.

An 8-year-old model from Rio Grande Valley, Texas is thanking the power of social media for making her fashion dreams come true.

Natasza Jarosz is headed to the Big Apple to participate in New York Fashion Week after being scouted through Instagram.

“I had a private message from one of the designers that said would she be interested in walking in New York for fashion week,” Natasha’s mother, Laura Jarosz told CBS 4 News. “She said if we were interested to send her a headshot, a couple of full-body shots and a video of her walking. From there she was cast for that designer.”

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Although she’s been modelling since the age of four, her debut at New York Fashion Week is without a doubt her biggest gig yet.

Image via Instagram.

“We’re only doing three shows since this is her first time,” her mother explained. “They wanted to walk for all of them. It’s one of those things – let’s get our feet wet and go from there.”

Jarosz, a photographer herself, says managing her daughter’s career and online presence is a full time job.

“It’s a lot of work,” she admits. “A lot of time and a lot of work – but it’s fun. We wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.”

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Despite gearing up to walk in front of thousands of people, Natasza says she’s excited to go to New York.

“I love being on the runway and walking,” she told CBS 4 News. “But the best outfit you can wear is confidence.”

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