The Electric Jeep Wagoneer S Arrives in 2024 With 600 HP

jeep wagoneer s ev production debut photo
The Electric Jeep Wagoneer S Arrives With 600 HPStellantis

While Stellantis already offers the all-electric Jeep Avenger to its European customers, we’ve yet to get a pure EV from the off-road experts here in the States. That’s going to change in 2024, as Jeep has just pulled the cover off of the production variant of the Wagoneer S BEV.

The Jeep Wagoneer S first arrived as a concept back in 2022, targeting the likes of luxury midsize SUVs like the Range Rover Sport and the BMW X5. The production variant of the EV SUV, unveiled Thursday, retains much of the coupe-like styling of the original concept, but remains recognizably a Jeep product. The seven-bar grille is now accented by LED lighting, while an edge-to-edge daytime running light connects the familiar headlights. The intakes on the front corners are reminiscent of those found on the Lucid Gravity SUV, which is not a bad place to end up from a design perspective.

The brand has only released a single image of the truck so far, but an accompanying teaser clip gives us a bit more context. The rear appears to feature a continuous rear light bar like the Grand Wagoneer concept, which didn’t make it to the production model. The SUV also looks like it’ll ride on some slick machined face wheels with silver and black spokes.

We don’t have a ton of specific information about the SUV’s powertrain setup, but we do know it will come backed by the brand’s 4xe all-wheel-drive system and all-terrain traction management setup. The brand hasn’t listed specific range figures at this time, but it did previously claim that the SUV should do around 400 miles per charge. That's fairly impressive considering the truck will produce around 600 hp. That should also be enough juice to help the truck hit 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds—about as quick as the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

We don’t know what battery options the SUV will be backed by at this time. That said, the concept SUV was said to utilize the STLA Large platform, which would make sense for an SUV of this size. Jeep’s other upcoming EV in the Recon will be based on the smaller STLA Medium platform, which is currently on sale in Europe as the Peugeot E-3008.

The Jeep Wagoneer S is slated to begin production in 2024, alongside the smaller Recon SUV. Despite general EV hesitancy in the States, people have had no trouble with buying electrified Jeeps. In fact, the Wrangler 4xe was the best-selling hybrid in the country in 2022. Whether or not that mild introduction to electrification will help ease the transition for Jeep buyers, things are changing at a rapid pace.

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