An Electric Toyota Hilux Is Reportedly Coming by 2025

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An Electric Toyota Hilux Is Reportedly Comingtoyota

For the past 56 years, the Toyota Hilux has been the standard-bearer for unkillable small trucks sold outside of the U.S. market. The truck is a core component of Toyota's strategy in many global markets, so it would be no surprise if the brand's push to build battery-electric vehicles were to include a Hilux variant in the near future. Now, an executive in Thailand says that the electric Hilux is coming fairly soon, Reuters reports.

An electric Hilux has already felt like an inevitability, and the company has already shown a wide variety of electric pick-up concepts since first suggesting that electric pick-ups were coming in 2021. The brand showed two in Thailand in 2022, one a short cab work truck called the Hilux Revo and the other an electric variant of the ultra-affordable IMV 0 modular truck. A Tacoma-like EV (pictured above) was shown among 14 other concepts when Toyota revealed its larger electrification plans in December 2021. The brand also showed the EPU concept last year, a Maverick-sized crew cab.

two toyota ev truck concepts, including the hilux revo bev concept
Two Toyota EV truck concepts, including the Hilux Revo BEV concept.Toyota

Any of those concepts could theoretically work as a Hilux-branded electric offering, although the Hilux Revo already shown in the Thailand market is the most likely contender. The American market is unlikely to get a Hilux-branded EV, but some sort of electric truck in the U.S. feels inevitable. Here, one of the other concepts is more likely to make up the foundation of future electric Toyota trucking.

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