Elizabeth Berkley Lauren talks iconic 'Saved by the Bell' caffeine pill episode

Drag superstar and host of virtual Yahoo series 'X Change Rate', Monet X Change, interviews TV star Elizabeth Berkley Lauren about all things 'Saved by the Bell'.

Monet asks about the iconic episode where Berkley Lauren's character, Jessie Spano, becomes addicted to caffeine pills, only to end up singing "I'm so excited" before breaking down in tears. "Little trivia, those were red hots," she says.

"I would never have known that for years and years people would come up to me and say 'I'm so excited. I'm so scared,'" says Berkley Lauren. "That episode had an impact."

The episode is also memorable for Berkley Lauren because of how different it was then all the other episodes they would normall film. "Mark Paul and I were excited to have something a little more juicy, because we had be really trained actors and we had been doing this light comedy where basically the biggest problem was who's going to ask who to the dance right?," she says. "Here came this script where we were like oh my god we get to go for it."

She goes on to say that the chemistry that the cast had from growing up together helped the show have such staying power in pop culture for years to come.

As for the Jessie Spano iconic curls, Berkley Lauren says that was not a perm, au natural, to Monet X Change's surprise.