Elizabeth Olsen shares struggle to film brutal axe scene in Love & Death

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Elizabeth Olsen on Love & Death's brutal axe sceneJC Olivera/GA - Getty Images

Love & Death spoilers follow.

Elizabeth Olsen has opened up about the difficulties of filming the brutal axe murder scene in her true-crime series Love & Death.

The new series follows Olsen as churchgoing Texan housewife Candy Montgomery, who in 1980 was accused of murdering her friend Betty Gore. American Horror Story star Lily Rabe costars as Betty.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Olsen opened up about how she struggled to film the pivotal scene, which is shown throughout episodes four and five.

elizabeth olsen, love and death

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"Lily was six months pregnant. It was awful. She had a double. And they also could erase [her belly] in post. But she was in a little shirt with a six-month belly! It was crazy. And she really wanted to do everything," Olsen said.

"Lily is a really physically strong human being, and so it was like real tension, physically, and there was an element where I felt safe because we had choreography, but there was an element where I didn’t want to do everything. So it was a lot of things."

She continued: "My experience with more fight sequences isn’t hand-to-hand fighting. And so it felt kind of scary at times. And then there were moments where Lily asked me to, with the rubber ax, make contact with her body. And I tapped out and was like, 'You’re going to have to do this with my stunt double.'"

elizabeth olsen, love and death

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Last year, Olsen starred as Scarlet Witch in Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The character seemingly died at the end of the movie but could potentially return in the future.

Olsen recently said that if she did return, she'd want Wanda Maximoff to have a lot more humour.

"We can do anything with her now! I feel like we've done so much. Now, we can really have fun; I feel like there's a lot more humor to be had with her. She's often the emotion of a story, and I'm curious to see what we can explore. And hopefully [we can] give her some redemption," Olsen said.

Love and Death is available on HBO Max in the US.

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