Emhoff will visit Miami to promote ‘the role men can play’ in abortion fight

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will visit Miami on Friday to rally men supporting women’s reproductive rights, White House officials told McClatchy.

The roundtable event will focus on “the role men can play in responding to the reproductive health care crisis created by the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade,” one White House official said.

Vice President Kamala Harris has become the face of the fight for abortion rights in the Biden administration, traveling the country in recent months to promote protections for reproductive care and push back against state restrictions, a priority among Democratic voters.

In recent months, she has repeatedly traveled to Florida, criticizing Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis as an “extremist” who has signed some of the country’s harshest restrictions into law.

“Here in Florida, health care providers face prison — prison for up to five years for simply doing their job,” Harris said earlier this year. “And Florida is not alone.”

Abortions are currently outlawed in Florida for women who are more than 15 weeks pregnant. DeSantis has signed into a law a more restrictive, 6-week abortion ban, which has yet to go into effect pending litigation at the Florida Supreme Court.

Leaders from Men4Choice and Planned Parenthood, local community members and students fighting to protect reproductive rights will join the second gentleman, who will promote “the importance of male allyship in the fight for reproductive freedom,” the official said.