Emily Ratajkowski Puts Her Trademark Spin on These Trending Sunglasses

This past year, sunglass trends have truly run the gamut. One minute it’s all about minuscule shapes as seen at Fendi and Balenciaga—the next, it’s back to oversized silhouettes (Rihanna’s new shield-like Fenty shades are a good example). Recently, sporty styles have been particular popular on the celebrity circuit, championed by the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Bella Hadid. And up until now, the eyewear has typically been worn with striking athleisure to match the sportif vibe. And yet just this weekend, Emily Ratajkowski took the polarizing accessory in a new street style direction.

<h1 class="title">EXCLUSIVE: Emily Ratajkowski stuns in a red dress out for a stroll in New York City</h1><cite class="credit">Photo: Splash News</cite>

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Ratajkowski stuns in a red dress out for a stroll in New York City

Photo: Splash News

Hitting the streets in New York City this weekend, the model wore a pair of aerodynamic sunglasses that were tinted in a fiery red-orange finish. Instead of styling them with, say, a gym outfit or on-the-go leggings, she wore a vampier knit dress, also in red, with cut-outs. Meanwhile, layered necklaces and white low-top court sneakers lent a laidback flourish. The overall look seemed to convey one fashion message: with the right styling, this high-performance, tricky-to-pull-off trend can actually read totally effortless.

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Originally Appeared on Vogue

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