Emma Watson Uses the Under-Eye Brightener Shoppers Call “a True Find”

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Plus, the $15 freckle pen she “loves.”

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Emma Watson did it right. She got famous and made money off a series of movies that defined millions of people’s childhoods (mine included) and then sort of just faded into the background. She’s taken on projects here and there and been involved in human rights advocacy, but otherwise laid low. So I was thrilled (but surprised) when I saw her recent episode of Vogue’s In the Bag series. Of all the things she managed to pack into that small Prada backpack, I’m most intrigued by one: Lune+Aster RealGlow Under-Eye Brightener, an illuminating product intended to hide dark circles and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

“There’s a brand called Lune+Aster, they do this under-eye brightener situation,” Watson said in the video, also calling out a now-discontinued lip stain. “I think probably if I only put these on my face, I can get away with very little.”

Its formula has a variety of benefits: Vitamin E and appleseed make it hydrating and nourishing. The pigment, meanwhile, disguises fatigue and dark circles, brightens up the under-eye area, and makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible. The slight tint makes it perfect for use on its own or over an eye cream, though it can be worn under concealer for added coverage.




Dozens of shoppers are just as thrilled with Lune+Aster’S RealGlow Under-Eye Brightener. One shopper called this “a true find.” “I apply it under my eyes and leave it. After a few minutes I blend lightly. [My] under-eye circles are gone.” Another shopper said, “[Lune+Aster RealGlow Under-Eye Brightener] looks very natural… [It] doesn’t highlight wrinkles. It’s creamy but not thick, and has a non-glitter sheen that creates brightness.”




Another product Emma Watson mentioned in the video is Lime Crime’s Freckle Pen. I have always been envious of people like Watson who have natural freckles. It was reassuring to know that not only does she have to top them up, but that her solution for doing so is an easy-to-use $15 pen. “I absolutely love and use [it] in winter when my freckles kind of go away,” she said.

Head to Amazon to shop the Emma Watson-recommended Lune+Aster RealGlow Under-Eye Brightener and Lime Crime Freckle Pen.

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