Emmerdale kicks off Nicola and Moira feud after crash horror

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has teased the beginning of a feud between Nicola King and Moira Dingle following a horror car crash which left Nicola's daughter Angel hospitalised.

Tonight's (May 26) episode saw Nicola looking for someone to blame as she struggled to see her daughter suffering in a hospital bed. Things only got worse for her as she discovered that the police would be taking no further action after the crash.

Furious, Nicola accused Jimmy of prioritising his nephew over their daughter before the pair were interrupted by Tom who had come to see how Angel was doing.

nicola king, moira dingle, emmerdale

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Tom then inadvertently revealed that Moira had been driving after staying up the whole night caring for a calf which had suffered a breached birth.

The revelation further infuriated Nicola, who already felt Moira was solely to blame for the accident.

Over at the Dingles, Cain insisted that Moira get some rest instead of heading over to the hospital. The pair were then visited by Nicola, who accused Moira of endangering Angel.

"My daughter is going to be on crutches for weeks because of you. Her whole life is going to be on hold," she said.

"If there was any justice, you should've been arrested by now."

nicola king, angel king, emmerdale

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Back at the hospital, Jimmy pleaded with Nicola to drop the vendetta and focus on her daughter's recovery.

"This needs to stop right now, you lashing out right and centre, and you need to let it go," he replied, urging Nicola to accept that Moira wasn't solely to blame for the accident.

"Deep down you know Moira is not to blame... Everyone makes mistakes."

However, Nicola refused to listen and stormed out of the hospital, determined to see Moira face some sort of consequence.

Will she be able to put her feelings aside for Angel?

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