'Emmerdale' spoilers: Laurel Thomas reveals Arthur’s secret to a stunned Jai Sharma

Arthur's relieved when Laurel Thomas [CHARLOTTE BELLAMY] agrees to keep what happened with Archie a secret. However, the secret soon eats away at her when Jai Sharma [CHRIS BISSON] asks her to move in. (ITV Plc)

Jai Sharma will be left shocked in Emmerdale next week when he learns from Laurel Thomas that his son Archie has been abused.

Fans of the ITV soap know that little Archie – Jai’s son with dead Rachel Breckle – has been tormented by Laurel’s son, Arthur, over the past few months.

As the week kicks off Arthur is relieved when his mum agrees to keep what happened with Archie a secret, but when Jai suggests that he and Laurel - who’s played by Charlotte Bellamy - move in together, she finds the weight of her secret too much to bear.

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With a heavy heart, Laurel explains to Arthur that as long as Jai (Chris Bisson) doesn’t know the truth about what happened with Archie, she can’t bring herself to let him move in.

And on hearing a fall Laurel Thomas [CHARLOTTE BELLAMY] rushes in and immediately worries that Arthur Thomas [ALFIE CLARKE] is up to his old tricks when they find Archie is trapped underneath a toppled cabinet. (ITV Plc)

Feeling guilty, Arthur decides to take matters into his own hands and tell Jai the truth about him bullying and abusing Archie.

But before he gets a chance to clear his conscience, Laurel interrupts.

As Jai eventually agrees that he still wants them to move in together, Laurel’s happy to play along. They’re all happy apart from Archie.

While Laurel starts to believe that everything’s going to work out but when left alone with Arthur, Archie starts to carelessly play with Sandy’s ship in a bottle.

As she hears a crash, Laurel races back in, fearing that Arthur’s up to his old tricks again when she finds Archie trapped underneath a toppled cabinet.

Archie Breckle [KAI ASSI] starts carelessly handling Sandy's ship-in-a-bottle. (ITV Plc)

Arthur tries to assure Laurel and Jai that he had nothing to do with it, but Archie is quick to point the finger at him.

Furious, Laurel reveals to Jai that Arthur has been secretly hurting Archie for months, leaving Jai utterly floored.

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But where will the revelation leave their relationship? And will Jai want revenge for his son’s torment?

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.