Emmerdale's Charity makes big decision over Mack fling

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Charity Dingle has chosen not to tell Chloe Harris about her fling with Mackenzie Boyd in Emmerdale.

Earlier this week, Mack and Charity slept together on the eve of baby Reuben's christening while Chloe was busy getting ready for the big event.

Charity was led to believe Mack would be breaking up with Chloe following the christening, but instead, he declared his love for the mother of his young son in front of the whole pub.

mackenzie boyd and charity dingle in emmerdale

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In Friday's (August 25) episode, Charity was still weighing up the possibility of exposing Mack's latest infidelity to his new girlfriend.

Cain and Chas tried to stop her from breaking up Mack and Chloe, with Chas warning her that doing so would make her "a mug and desperate".

Chloe walked up and asked if she was interrupting anything, leading Chas to try to cover by explaining they still hadn't been paid for the party.

Chloe offered to text Mack to come over and settle the bill, with Charity piping up to insist it would be "a great idea" for him to come around.

"Let's sort it out," Charity added.

Chloe was still completely in the dark when Mack did finally turn up and he was desperate to stop Charity from speaking to his partner.

mackenzie boyd and charity dingle in emmerdale

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"[Charity] was being weird as well, is there something going on?" Chloe asked Mack, with him frantically answering: "No. No. No."

Chloe walked over to confront Charity, asking if there was a problem between them. Charity reluctantly denied anything was wrong, but once Chloe walked past her to use the loo, she confronted Mack.

Mack thanked Charity for not telling Chloe the truth. She insisted she didn't "care enough" to expose him.

"Say hello to your new life [as] 'devoted family man'. Kind of boring, but it suits you," Charity quipped. "From now on, stay away from me and my family."

While she managed to keep up her bravado in the pub, Charity broke down in private. Cain tried to comfort her as she questioned why Mack treated her so badly.

"Why wasn't I enough?" she wondered.

Will Charity actually let her grudge go?

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