Emmerdale's Nicola King fears for Angel after car crash

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Nicola King fears the worst next week as she's involved in a car crash alongside her daughter Angel.

A tense day for the King family takes a horrifying turn when Nicola has a collision on the road while Angel is in the car with her.

In next week's episodes, Nicola's husband Jimmy gets distracted by the ongoing issues surrounding his troubled nephew Tom.

jimmy king, belle, tom, emmerdale

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Tom has returned to the village after a 10-year absence, but is clearly still affected by ghosts from the King family's murky past.

Nicola becomes furious when she spots Angel alone outside Victoria Cottage as Jimmy has forgotten to take her to the dentist.

Although highly stressed, Nicola realises they still have time to make it to the appointment, so she orders Angel to quickly get inside the car.

During the journey, Nicola rants away at Angel over the unfortunate situation.

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Sadly, things become much worse when Nicola crashes into Moira Dingle's vehicle at a dangerous junction on the outskirts of the village.

Nicola and Moira both seem to be fine, but they rush to check on Angel.

Angel is unconscious in the crushed vehicle, leaving Nicola and Moira both concerned over her wellbeing. Will she be okay?

nicola king, moira dingle, emmerdale
nicola king, angel, emmerdale

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The trouble surrounding the King family comes just when it seemed that life was settling down for them, with Tom landing a job at the local vets surgery after impressing Rhona Goskirk.

Tom and his girlfriend Belle Dingle brazenly broke into the vets last week after Monty the dog became ill. Rhona was unhappy, but later calmed down and decided to give Tom a chance to work there full time.

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