Emperor, Reality and Luv: Are these the most bizarre baby names yet?

A baby names site has released a list of the most unusual baby names [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]
A baby names site has released a list of the most unusual baby names [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]

When George and Amal Clooney chose relatively normal baby names for their newborn twins, we couldn’t help but rejoice.

Ella and Alexander offered a beautifully ordinary escape from the bizarre baby monikers some other celebrities opt for. We’re looking at you Kim Kardashian (North and Saint), Cheryl and Liam Payne (Bear) and Jamie Oliver (all five of his kids!).

But that isn’t to say we also don’t revel in hearing about those wild and wacky baby name choices. Sure we might not choose them for our own offspring, but hearing about the outrageously wacky names other people give their little ones is perennially interesting, no?

Thankfully, the experts at Nameberry have come up with a list of the 12 most bizarre new names, which appeared on their database of 10,000 monikers in 2016.

Despite their unusual-ness, each name was chosen a minimum of five times by new parents keen to break the baby naming mould.

For boys, the list includes the rather lofty-sounding Galaxy and Emperor, and the out-there Savant, Warden and Luv.

Girls were given the really quite sweet Adorable or Mini, and the more down-to-earth Reality.

More recognisable names have also been given a spelling reboot with Mylz for a baby boy and Zoeigh for a little girl.

Welcome to the world baby Emperor! [Photo: Bingo Theme via Pexels]
Welcome to the world baby Emperor! [Photo: Bingo Theme via Pexels]

The unusual names list comes after Nameberry released another list of names that weren’t given to any babies at all in 2016, which is possibly quite a good thing as baby name regret is very real.

According to a recent survey, one in five mothers feels ‘namer’s remorse’ and would pick another name for their child if they had the choice.

The survey, by parenting site Mumsnet, revealed that of the 245 mothers who regretted the names they gave their children, 12% “always knew it was the wrong choice”, 3% knew from the moment the child was born, 8% knew within a couple of days, 32% knew within the first six weeks and almost a quarter (23%) began to regret their choice when their children first started nursery or school.

Still looking for a baby name less ordinary? Here’s the full list of Nameberry’s unusual names selection…

Adorable (girl)

Aviary (girl)

Mini (girl)

Zoeigh (girl)

Reality (girl)

Coven (boy)

Emperor (boy)

Galaxy (boy)

Luv (boy)

Mylz (boy)

Savant (boy)

Warden (boy)

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