An Epic Time-Traveling Drag Race of All Dodge Viper Generations

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Fasten Your Seatbelts, We’re About to Get Snaked!

Are you suffering from Viper withdrawal since Dodge yanked the plug on it in 2017? Well, brace yourselves for an antidote—every generation of the Dodge Viper lined up for a clash of titans in a drag race so epic, it makes "Fast & Furious" look like a soapbox derby.

No Safety Net: Pure, Unadulterated Viper!

For all its muscle, early Dodge Vipers were quite the rebels; think of them as the American muscle cars that snubbed the 'helmet and kneepads' of modern times. No ABS or launch control here—just you, the road, and a gas pedal that demands respect, not a tap dance.

Rear-Wheel Glory and V10 Galore

From 1991 to 2017, the Viper evolved but never strayed far from its recipe for glory: rear-wheel drive and a naturally aspirated V10 engine. Over time, Dodge has tinkered with its power and aesthetics, but why fix something that's not broken?

Who’s the Fastest Snake in the Pit?

Mat Watson of CarWow had one question on his mind: which Viper can slither to 60 mph the fastest? And though he only revved them up to that modest speed, the 30+ minute video spectacle gives us a rich tapestry of each Viper’s vital stats, including horsepower, torque, and the time it takes to make your heart skip a beat.

Fangs and Fans: Owners Spill the Beans

The video also takes us under the hood, as owners of each generation dish on what makes their Viper the bee’s knees—or should we say, the snake’s fangs? You get a deep dive into why each generation of Viper owners has developed a potentially unhealthy attachment to their cars.

The Future is...Unclear

Whispers about a new Viper generation have been slithering through the grapevine, but given Dodge's recent pivot to electrification and federally-mandated regulations, it seems that a turbocharged V10 Viper is about as likely as a vegetarian cobra. However, never say never—an electric Viper could be lurking in the tall grass of the future.

So, whether you're a Viper aficionado or simply a fan of things that go 'VROOM,' don't miss out on this drag race that spans decades. It's a spectacle that can only be summed up as "sss-spectacular!"

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