Erin Andrews Reveals She’s Undergoing IVF: ‘I Want To Have Kids But I’m Not Young’

Sports journalist Erin Andrews was diagnosed with cervical cancer back in 2016 and successfully fought it. But in the new issue of Health, she opened up about another health-related issue — undergoing in-vitro fertilization, or IVF, with frozen eggs.

The Dancing With the Stars host, who was undergoing IVF treatments during the magazine’s photo shoot, revealed, “I was in the middle of the IVF cycle. I’m doing all these IVF shots and in these bathing suits, and I was like, ‘Yay, look at my pin marks!’”

Andrews is engaged to former professional hockey player Jarret Stoll. She decided to freeze her eggs before she was diagnosed with cancer and recalled a very blunt discussion she had with her fiancé, saying, “I’m not young, we don’t know when we’re going to have a baby, we don’t know if the cancer is going to come back.”

Andrews is now cancer-free and credited Stoll for standing by her, and reflected on their future together: “I want to continue doing more, but it’s going to be shaped toward how I want to have this family and how I do want to have kids. I think it’s possible that I’ll be able to have a kid and be able to do this for a living. We’re just gonna have to figure out how.”

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