Erin Napier shares 'luxurious gift' husband Ben gave for her birthday: 'Husbands: give your wife time'

Erin Napier shared her birthday present from husband Ben. (Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)
Erin Napier shared her birthday present from husband Ben. (Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images) (Gary Gershoff via Getty Images)

Erin Napier just shared the sweet plans her husband Ben made for her upcoming birthday.

The Home Town host, who is turning 37 on Aug. 30, took to Instagram on Friday to share how Ben planned to celebrate her birthday.

She captioned the post, "My birthday is coming next week, so it was not on my mind at all when I woke up to this today. I should tell you that Ben isn’t perfect. No one is. But he is completely perfect for me. I had a good cry this morning. Husbands: give your wife time for her birthday."

Erin shared that Ben, who is her co-host on the HGTV series, penned a note to her that read, "Happy Birthday to the love of my life. This year, I am giving you the most luxurious gift there is. Time."

The second slide revealed that “time” included a week of planned activities. On the agenda was a Friday lunch with her "gal pals," an "uninterrupted" Saturday hang with Ben and their daughters Helen and Mae, a Sunday movie matinee with Erin's mom and a Monday lunch date. There were also"“ongoing" plans, which included Ben stocking meals in the freezer to cut down on dinner planning, and time set aside for Erin to spend in her painting studio.

Erin's followers loved the thoughtful birthday gesture. One commented on the post, "Ben gave you time but, also gave his time to coordinate this week. What a great partnership you guys have and show your girls every day. This is awesome!" Another added, "Happy Upcoming Birthday Erin! Ben is such a role model for young men to show their spouses just how much they mean to them. What a gentleman!"

This is not the first time Erin has posted about Ben nailing a unique gift idea. In a November 2021 Instagram post, she shared that he surprised her on the pair’s wedding anniversary by taking her back to the first apartment they shared together. He also included some other surprises.

"We had our favorite Chinese carryout from our newlywed years atop the ginkgo leaves from the tree next to our loft. The same tree's leaves showered us as we ran to the car after our reception," she gushed in an Instagram post. "We drank our favorite soda in the glasses we bought on our honeymoon at Fishs Eddy. He made a playlist of songs from our beginning, from our wedding reception, to now. Our box of wedding mementos and my shoes were there. I cried for how thankful I am that God gave us each other. Tonight Ben told me, 'He knew you needed someone who understood your tender heart.' Yes. To be completely understood (for better or for worse) and found valuable anyway: that's love."

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