Which European country did the UK invade on 10 May 1940? The Weekend quiz

Thomas Eaton
Photograph: Getty Images

1 Which icon is the daughter of George and Margaret Roberts?
2 Adamstown (population 50) is only settlement on which island?
3 Which two elements have symbols that are pronouns?
4 Who popularised the wearing of “Turkish trousers”?
5 The UK invaded which European country on 10 May 1940?
6 Which bird can be tufted, horned or Atlantic?
7 Who “got an ice pick that made his ears burn”?
8 Historically, where was Outremer?
What links:
9 Abducted by bullish Zeus; Florentine navigator; southern in Latin?
10 Stefani Germanotta; Godgifu; Jane Dudley; Claudia Johnson?
11 YHWH; El; Adonai; El Shaddai; Tzevaot?
12 Harriet Sutherland-Leveson‑Gower; John Brown; Abdul Karim?
13 Sydney Opera House; Pompidou Centre; Highpoint 1; Kingsgate Bridge?
14 Victor Hugo; Foch; Hoche; Marceau (and eight others)?
15 Fram; Terra Nova; Endurance?

Who ‘got an ice pick that made his ears burn’? Photograph: Getty Images Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The answers

1 Barbie.
2 Pitcairn.
3 Iodine (I) and helium (he).
4 Amelia Bloomer (hence Bloomers).
5 Iceland.
6 Puffin (species).
7 Trotsky (in the Stranglers’ No More Heroes).
8 Holy Land (Crusader states).
9 Origins of continents’ names: Europe/Europa; America/Amerigo Vespucci; Australia/australis.
10 Known as Lady: Lady Gaga; Lady Godiva; Lady Jane Grey; “Lady Bird” Johnson.
11 Names of God in the Hebrew Bible.
12 Favourites of Queen Victoria: mistress of the robes; ghillie; attendant.
13 Engineered by Ove Arup.
14 L’Arc de Triomphe (avenues that meet at Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris).
15 Vessels on Antarctic expeditions: Amundsen; Scott; Shackleton.