Even Megyn Kelly Says She Hated Katie Britt’s ‘Cringe’ SOTU Rebuttal: ‘I Was Horrified’ | Video

Megyn Kelly blasted Sen. Katie Britt’s “cringe” State of the Union rebuttal, saying the GOP had one job in their chance to make a case against President Joe Biden and they completely “blew it.”

“The Republicans had an opportunity here to put their best foot forward and just sound normal,” Kelly said as on her SiriusXM podcast Friday. “That’s it. Don’t shout; say normal things and speak to regular Americans about what’s real.”

“They blew it, as they do all the time,” she continued. “They put up rising star in the Republican Party, Katie Britt, who is a senator from the state of Alabama … I don’t know what the eff I saw. I agree with the people saying she looked like she was auditioning for a show on Lifetime. The drama, the fake affectation, the over the top portrayal of emotions I did not believe she was feeling at all, her inauthenticity, it was totally cringe as the kids would say. Sorry!”

Kelly’s words were in response to Britt’s rebuttal against Biden, who headed back to the podium on Thursday to deliver his address to a joint session of Congress.

Kelly went on to say that Britt’s political clapback will take years to recover from.

“She embarrassed herself,” Kelly said. “She embarrassed the Republicans and she embarrassed women. It was a disgrace. I was horrified by her performance. And I really think that it’s going to take her years to rebound from that performance.”

Britt began her speech expressing that the reason she ran for her senate seat was because she’s a mother and she’s worried about her children’s future, as well as every other American child’s future. She also called Biden “out of touch.”

“Under his adminstration, families are worse off,” Britt said. “Our communities are less safe and our country is less secure. I just wish he understood what real families are facing around kitchen tables just like this one.”

“Mr. President, enough is enough. Innocent Americans are dying, and you only have yourself to blame. Fulfill your oath of office. Reverse your policies. End this crisis and stop the suffering,” she concluded. “His reckless spending dug our economy into a hole and sent the cost of living through the roof. We have the worst inflation in 40 years and the highest credit card debt in our nation’s history. Let that sink in.”

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