Every NFL team's Super Bowl 52 odds revealed

AOL.com editors

With Week 1 play behind us, the NFL Super Bowl odds keep on coming -- and some teams saw their chances shift after their first games.

The New England Patriots remain the oddsmaker favorite despite their Week 1 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, but they may not be safe for long as other teams' chances shift in their favor.

Click through to see every NFL team's starting odds of winning this year's Super Bowl:

The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are positioned just below the Patriots in terms of their chances at going the distance this post-season, with respective 15/2 odds. As chemistry between New England star quarterback Tom Brady and newer players remains in flux, Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers may be able to chase the reigning Super Bowl champion team if he keeps up his performance the likes of his showing against the Seahawks in Week 1. Rogers threw for 311 yards last Sunday and led Green Bay to a 17-9 win over Seattle.

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The New York Giants perhaps saw the biggest odds shift after Week 1, moving from a position with 16/1 odds to 33/1 after they fell to Dallas 19-3 in the Sunday night game. The Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles notably saw significant positive shifts in their odds after Week 1.

The New York Jets, however, did not see their odds shift -- and still hold the last-place position with 500/1 odds of winning this year's Super Bowl.