Everything We Know About This Claim That A-Rod Sexted Another Woman While Dating J.Lo

Alex Rodriguez’s ex claims he’s been sexting her while he’s been dating J.Lo. (Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Another day, another sexting scandal… maybe. This time, Alex Rodriguez is at the center of what’s shaping up to be a rather messy affair. On one side is fitness model Lauren Hunter, who alleges that the former baseball star has sexted with her over the years — and didn’t stop when he began dating Jennifer Lopez. On the other side is A-Rod, who hasn’t bothered to comment. Here’s what we know so far…

Hunter spoke with the National Enquirer, insisting that she and A-Rod had started dating all the way back in 2011 (when he was still romantically linked to Cameron Diaz) and that they’ve been in communication ever since. According to Hunter, their relationship actually picked up steam after he and J.Lo hooked up.

She claimed that they “began FaceTiming again three or four times a day” and that she “was sending him explicit messages and photos.” The tabloid reports, “On May 10, [Rodriguez] told [her] he missed her, and May 11 he asked her to send a video of her [doing a sex act]” — but she said that A-Rod wanted more than digital contact.

Lauren Hunter says A-Rod is continuing to pursue her. (Photo: Earl Gibson III/WireImage)

According to Hunter, on May 13, A-Rod asked her to meet him four days later in Kansas City, where he would be working as an on-air commentator for Fox for the Yankees versus Royals game while Lopez was filming in New York City. Hunter — who has three children, including one with Los Angeles Raiders Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen — wasn’t able to make the trip because she couldn’t arrange child care.

The Shades of Blue actress “would be an idiot to believe he’d be faithful,” Hunter stated.

But while things have allegedly heated up in recent months, Hunter added that A-Rod’s overtures are nothing new. She claimed that in 2011 (again, during the Diaz years), A-Rod offered her a $20,000 allowance if she would participate in a threesome with another woman. Hunter described A-Rod as being “very into threesomes,” adding that he was “good” but “rough” in bed and “well endowed.” Charming.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez attended the Met Gala in May. (Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

So, how has A-Rod responded to this? In short, he hasn’t. One report quoted a source close to the star insisting that Hunter’s claims were garbage. “He and Jennifer are together all the time. Every week the magazines write something ridiculous about their relationship, last week they were getting married, she’s pregnant. It’s laughable,” the source said.

Another report argued that Hunter is motivated by money and that A-Rod actually broke up with her in 2014, two years before he and Lopez got together. Ever since, the report claims, Hunter has been trying to find a way to collect from the wealthy former baseball pro, and when she saw him with Lopez, she figured she’d better strike while the iron was hot.

In this version, A-Rod told Hunter that he was in a committed relationship and just wanted her to leave him alone — and she then demanded $600,000 or threatened to contact media outlets to offer text messages that Rodriguez had sent her.

The source who suggested this order of events said that Hunter planned to doctor old text messages between them to make them seem as if they post-dated the beginning of his romance with J.Lo. Not only is A-Rod refusing to cough up any money, but his legal team is allegedly preparing to go to the police and the federal authorities if Hunter doesn’t back off.

So far, A-Rod’s rep has declined to comment.

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