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Photo credit: CBC/Netflix
Photo credit: CBC/Netflix

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Last year was a time of severe uncertainty for everyone, including those who work in the TV, film, and entertainment industry. Productions all over the world were shut down in March, in an attempt to keep cast and crew safe from the ongoing pandemic. As the year slowly moved forward, production and film crews found new ways to work safely and shooting resumed. As a result, many popular TV shows are finally returning after what can only be described as a lengthy hiatus. One beloved series that's set to return in 2021 is Workin' Moms. The Canadian show has found a home on Netflix in America, so its international audience been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for more episodes.

Workin' Moms creator and star Catherine Reitman, who plays Kate Foster on the show, told KTLA 5 that not even production shut downs could keep the series from going forward, full steam ahead. In May 2020, she confirmed that writing work was continuing via Zoom and many of the table reads were also conducted virtually to ensure that the show could hit the ground running once they were able to film in person again. "The season is now being written and we're ready to go, but we of course have to be sensitive to what's happening," Reitman said in May.

It helps that the series tapes in Canada. The country has not suffered the same amount of deaths, hospitalizations, and subsequent shutdowns as the United States, where many Los Angeles TV crews have been forced to shut down again. So production on Workin' Moms Season 5 officially began in September 2020 and wrapped in time for an early 2021 premiere. Here's everything fans need to know about what they can expect from the new episodes.

Workin' Moms Season 4 Recap

The season opens with Kate officially choosing to stay with her husband Nathan. She still has to see her former fling Mike at work, though. Fortunately, it's her PR company and she's in charge, so she gets to fire Mike when she finds out he's testing their alcohol brand on underage kids.

As for Kate's best friend Anne, she struggles with parenting her teenage daughter Alice. At first, Anne tries a super strict approach and signs Alice up for a ton of activities to keep her busy. It works for a while, so Anne lands a book deal writing about that specific parenting method. Eventually, however, she realizes that she's being too hard on her daughter and she decides to re-write her book with a more "let the child lead" mentality. Her whole life is also shaken up when her husband loses his job and finds another one in another town. The series ends with her telling Kate that she's going to move.

Then there's Frankie, who helps her friend Bianca track down the sperm donor for Bianca's newborn baby. Soon Frankie realizes that the donor is scamming Bianca. When Frankie catches him, Bianca realizes that she wants Frankie to be a full-time part of her baby's life as the child's second mother.

Meanwhile, Jenny is hard at work in the corporate world, even advocating for the other women in her office to be paid more. That's when she meets Malcolm, the man in charge of mitigating her equal pay initiative. She bargains with him to get a daycare at the office for the working moms. But she also strikes up a bit of a flirtation with him in the process, opening up the possibility of a love interest plot in Season 5.

Workin' Moms Season 5 Release Date

The new season is set to premiere on the Canadian channel CBC on February 16. Eventually, the show should make its way to Netflix for American viewers. Last year, Season 4 hit Netflix in May 2020 — about a month after it finished airing in Canada. Expect a similar late-Spring release for US viewers this time around, too.

Workin' Moms Season 5 Cast

All the usual cast members will return, according to a table read photo that the Workin' Moms Instagram posted. The confirmed Season 5 cast includes Catherine Reitman (Kate), Jessalyn Wanlim (Jenny), Dani Kind (Anne), Juno Rinaldi (Frankie), Sarah McVie (Val), Sadie Munroe (Anne's daughter Alice), Philip Sternberg (Kate's husband Nathan), Ryan Belleville (Anne's husband Lionel), and Alex Mallari Jr. (Malcolm).

There's also a new cast member joining the show, publishing executive Sloane Mitchell, played by Enuka Okuma. "Welcome to the family," the Workin' Moms Instagram captioned a photo of Okuma and Reitman on set.

Workin' Moms Season 5 Spoilers

Thanks to social media, fans know one major storyline that unfolds in Season 5. A TikTok user captured footage of Reitman, Kind, and Rinaldi filming outside her home. In the clip, you can hear Kind say, "I got my house back" — so maybe Anne's big move to Calgary doesn't happen (or doesn't work out) after all.

Workin' Moms Season 5 Trailer

What else do fans have to look forward to in Season 5? Jenny's dating life ramping up, Nathan with a six pack, what looks like a wedding, lots of wine drinking, and more. Check out the full trailer below.

How to Watch Workin' Moms

The first four seasons are available now to stream on Netflix. As for the new season, Canadian viewers can watch weekly on CBC or the streaming site CBC Gem. American viewers will have to wait until the show comes to Netflix. There was some concern in late 2019 that CBC shows would stop coming to Netflix, after CBC's president and CEO, Catherine Tait, voiced frustration about the partnership. "We're not going to do deals that hurt the long-term viability of our domestic industry," she said to the Content Canada podcast. "Over time we start to see that we're feeding the growth of Netflix, or we're feeding the growth of Amazon, rather than feeding our own domestic business and industry."

However, new seasons of CBC shows like Heartland and Kim's Convenience have continued to come to Netflix since then and up through this year. Perhaps the deal is still in place for now and Workin' Moms will likely land on Netflix later in 2021.

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