Everything Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion have said about each other amid their ongoing feud

Everything Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion have said about each other amid their ongoing feud
  • Megan Thee Stallion appeared to diss Nicki Minaj's husband on her new song, "Hiss."

  • Minaj responded by referencing Tory Lanez, who was convicted in Megan Thee Stallion's shooting.

  • Here's everything the rappers have said about each other so far.

"Hot Girl Summer" is officially over for Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj, who are embroiled in a fiery online feud.

The rappers appeared to have an amicable relationship before tensions exploded on Friday when Megan, 28, debuted her latest single, "Hiss." While Megan took aim at several unnamed people on the track, many fans believe she also mocked Minaj, 41, and her husband. This prompted Minaj to diss Megan on Instagram Live and X, formerly known as Twitter.

In one post, Minaj appeared to say that Megan was a "manipulative liar" and that she used ghostwriters for music.

"Every album she's ever released= flopped," Minaj wrote about Megan.

Here's a more detailed look at their current feud.

Some fans think Minaj threw a not-so-subtle jab at Megan in March 2023.

Although the disagreement between Minaj and Megan came to a head on Friday, the drama may have begun simmering last year.

In March, XXL Magazine reported on Minaj's release of her song "Red Ruby Da Sleeze," which referred to horses — or stallions — in the first verse.

"Seven-hundred on 'em horses when we fixin' to leave (Uh-oh)/But I don't fuck with horses since Christopher Reeves," the lyrics said.

The outlet said some fans at the time believed Minaj's bar might have been aimed at Megan, but it's unclear what may have prompted the jab. XXL reported in a separate September 2022 article that the pair may have bumped heads when Minaj said on Queen Radio that someone suggested she drank alcohol during her pregnancy. Megan later denied that it was her, the outlet reported.

Fans believe Megan mocked Minaj and her husband on "Hiss," which referenced a federal sex-offender law.

Megan began trending on X this Friday after releasing "Hiss," which shocked some fans with its pointed and unflinching lyrics. One bar in particular sent the internet into a tizzy: Many believed it was a diss against Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

"These hoes don't be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan's Law," Megan said. "I don't really know what the problem is, but I guarantee y'all don't want me to start."

Megan's Law refers to a US federal law that requires all states to establish sex-offender registries and community notification. Petty is a registered sex offender after pleading guilty in 1995 to the attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl. He served four years in prison.

In July 2022, Petty was also sentenced to three years probation and one year of home detention over his failure to register as a sex offender in California.

Minaj appeared to respond by referencing Tory Lanez, who was sentenced to prison for shooting Megan.

The entertainment blog Pop Base shared screen recordings of Minaj's Instagram Live in which she appeared to address Megan's lyrics with a rap of her own.

"Bad bitch she like 6 foot/ I call her big foot/ the bitch fell off/I said get up on your good foot," Minaj was reported to say.

Fans online believe Minaj's lyrics may be a dig at Megan, who said Lanez, a rapper, shot her in the foot in July 2020. In December 2022, a jury convicted Lanez of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, having a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle, and discharging a firearm with gross negligence in relation to the shooting.

Megan didn't directly call out Minaj but addressed the boiling controversy surrounding her song on 'The Breakfast Club.'

Megan called into "The Breakfast Club," a US radio program, to share details about "Hiss." When asked whether the song was about a specific person, Megan summed up her position by saying, "A hit dog will holler."

"Whoever feel it, feel it," she added.

Megan later shared a photo of her laughing on her Instagram Stories, which some outlets and fans said was a subtle acknowledgment that her track intended to attack Minaj.

Minaj continued to vent about the feud online.

On her X account, Minaj began liking and reposting fans who showed support. Some of the posts also disparaged Megan.

Minaj later shared a post in which she appeared to call Megan a "pathological & manipulative liar" while celebrating her own musical success. Minaj also implied Megan's career was a flop and brought up Megan's dispute with her former record label.

"Horrible ACTOR that can't cry on cue," Minaj wrote. "don't try to act bookie it's a chop."

She added: "Using ghost writers & still SUCK."

Minaj also appeared to defend her husband in a separate X post that mentioned Megan's late mother.

On Friday, Minaj shared a post that referenced Megan's late mother and suggested Megan lied during her April 2022 interview with Gayle King about her controversy with Lanez.

The post also referenced Megan's former boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine. The pair broke up in 2023, People reported.

But Minaj didn't stop there. In a separate post, Minaj reposted Fontaine's newest single, "THEE PERSON," which many believed was about Megan.

Minaj also called Megan a "disgusting serpant" in another post. Later that night, Pop Base reported that she went on the radio platform Stationhead and Instagram Live to attack Megan more.

"You bringing up 30-year-old tea cause no man has ever or will ever fucking love you," Minaj said on Instagram Live.

Minaj called out Megan directly in another post on X and announced a new song titled "Big Foot."

Two days after Minaj uploaded several videos and X posts that fans believed were about Megan, the "Super Bass" rapper finally named names.

"You scary ass pussy ass broke ass heaux. Scared of me putting a song out but tryna spar with the mthfkng QUEEN. lied on yo DEAD @theestallion," Minaj wrote, tagging Megan's X account.

In a separate post, Minaj said she performed her "Hot Girl Summer" verse for free.

"Didn't charge her for the hot girl summer verse that I recorded the night she BEGGED & BEGGED to go on my live," she wrote.

Minaj also said she had a new song ready for release, but was trying to "be cool & let her get her lil streams."

"But I remember how everyone kept my name in their mouth & how I said the next person mention my family gon regret it," Minaj continued.

One hour later, Minaj announced she would drop a new single titled "Big Foot." Minaj shared a photo of the song's cover art alongside a photo of Megan.

Megan, meanwhile, seems focused on promoting "Hiss" on her social-media pages.

Minaj released "Big Foot" on streaming sites and appeared to slam Megan throughout the song.

Minaj dropped her latest single on streaming sites at midnight on Monday, when fans could finally hear the full version. The lyrics appeared to allude to Megan several times, including her April 2022 interview with Gayle King and making fun of her artistry.

"You was lyin' to the queen, then you went lyin' to the King, Gayle. The thirty-year-old tea so stale. Kylie kicked you out and made you stumble to the car. Barbz, I need a good alcohol bar," Minaj said.

She added: "They got you all them Grammys, but your flow's still a no. What a fiasco, Lupe."

On X, Minaj shared more posts that appeared to criticize Megan.

"Yeah, empty your artillery on a btch that can't even rap on beat. Nah. Btch said nobody was gon say nuffin & ain't say shit since a bitch said sumthin," Minaj wrote in one post. "Tell dat weak hoe get up on her good foot FIRST."

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