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Extreme heat wave grips Japan

A volunteer, for recovery work, uses a pack of refrigerant to a cool down as she takes a break in a heat wave at a flood affected area in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, July 14, 2018. (Photo: Issei Kato/Reuters)

Extreme heat wave grips Japan

At least 44 people have died across Japan as extreme heat waves continue to grip the east-Asia nation. According to CNN, out of the 44 that have died since July 9, as many as 11 lives were claimed on Saturday alone, with the mercury remaining around the 38 degree Celsius mark in central Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the temperature soared past 41 degrees Celsius in Kumagaya, the highest ever recorded temperature in Japan. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the temperatures recorded have been around 12 degrees higher than the average temperatures.

The agency has also alerted people to take appropriate measures to counter the scorching heat. Keeping oneself hydrated, staying away from direct sunlight, and the use of air conditioners is encouraged, with the agency warning that the “potential for heat illness is higher than usual.”

With the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics due to start in two years’ time, authorities have predicted high temperatures for Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu islands, where the mercury is likely to rise up or even cross the 35 degree Celsius mark, with the Hokkaido island likely to be spared from the sweltering heat. (API)

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