My Eyeballs Can't Handle Kim Kardashian's Fully Sheer '90s Catsuit

Katherine J. Igoe
My Eyeballs Can't Handle Kim Kardashian's Fully Sheer '90s Catsuit

From Marie Claire

  • Always pushing the envelope on naked and near-naked outfits, Kim Kardashian wore a tattoo-print sheer catsuit last night.
  • It's a trick of the eye, but it really does look like Kim is naked under there for a second.

Kim Kardashian-never boring, and usually at least partially revealing. She really wowed last night with an extra-special outfit-a sheer catsuit that really is everything. According to the Daily Mail, the tattoo-print catsuit is from JPG's sheer Money Portrait set, continuing Kim's streak of vintage '90s outfits that she's been wearing everywhere lately.

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram

Okay, but seriously, let's talk about the elephant in the room here: The seaming on the catsuit made me think, for a hot second, that I could see her full butt. There, I said it. I thought I saw Kim Kardashian's butt this morning as I scrolled through Instagram. And it nearly made me spit out my coffee. AND I should totally be used to it by now, but somehow she manages to get me every time. But no: As you scroll through, you can clearly see the white bra and granny panties she's wearing.

Kim captioned the photo, "What are u looking at lol." Ummmm Kim, you know what I'm looking at. I thought I saw everything for a second. That trick of the eye thing is seriously unsettling. Although the "lol" at the end there makes me think that Kim knows exactly what she's up to and is just trolling us/me at this point.

Hilariously, in the comments, Emily Ratajkowski (who loves a good near-naked outfit) labelled the outfit "chic." Emily, never change.

Feast your eyes upon the catsuit of confusion:

And then tell me you didn't totally buy it, even for a moment.

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