Facebook Can Make You As Happy As Having A Baby Or Getting Married, Apparently

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Do you feel like your friends and peers are constantly celebrating engagements and pregnancies? If so, it’s easy to feel that they must be happier than your single, child-free self, right?

Well, if you’re a regular Facebook user, there’s actually nothing to worry about, as you’re probably happier than them anyway.

According to a new study by Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook, interacting with people on the social media site could make you as happy as getting married or having a baby.

Researchers monitored how 1,910 Facebook used used the site for three months, such as how much they commented, liked photos, and posted statuses.

[Photo: Pexels]

They then asked them to take a survey about their mood and life satisfaction, and found that interacting on Facebook can boost both - as much as tying the knot or getting pregnant.

What’s important here is that leaving messages, commenting on photos and actual interaction was what made the difference; simply scrolling and liking stuff didn’t have any impact on participants’ happiness.

In other words, passively Facebook stalking and giving yourself FOMO won’t do you any good.

Numbers-wise, the researchers found that 60 comments interacting with close friends a month was enough to boost well being at an equal level to getting married.

So we better get to it.

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