Fact Check:Is Indian police dancing while carrying a dead body?

A video that shows some Indian policemen seemingly dancing while carrying the body of a COVID-19 victim has gone viral on social media.


However, the truth is different from what seems to be. The policemen in the video are not carrying a dead body but an empty coffin and are performing the ‘coffin dance’ to spread awareness about the coronavirus pandemic.

The video is from Koppal district of Karnataka and seeks to drive home the hazards of venturing out during the lockdown.The 'Coffin Dance' was made popular by the ‘Ghanaian Pallbearers’ meme which had taken the Internet by storm a few days ago. Pallbearers are people carry the casket containing the body to the cremation/burial grounds.

A few weeks ago, Peru police had also released a video of carrying a coffin to spread awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic to underline the importance of staying at home.