The latest in ridiculous fashion: $1,950 Maison Margiela 'destroyed' high top sneakers

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Another day, another piece of clothing that makes you weep for humanity.

Just last week, Nordstrom was absolutely roasted for selling a pair of PRPS “Barracuda” jeans for $425 USD (nearly $600 CAD) that are made to look like you spent the day gettin’ dirty.

And now, Maison Margiela is stirring controversy with their $1,425 USD (a whopping $1,950 CAD) “Future Destroyed High Top Sneaker.”

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You might remember the non-slashed Future shoes, which Kanye West frequently wore on his Yeezus tour — the “destroyed” version features slashes with bright yellow stuffing poking through — and they’re stapled together for good measure.

According to Footwear News: “It’s a far more edgy answer to Golden Goose’s ‘Distressed Superstar Sneakers’ that feature scuff marks, ripped laces and duct-tape reinforcements.”

If you forget about Golden Goose, let me refresh your memories. Last year, the Internet was very annoyed when bloggers and celebrities started stepping out in those $600+ “distressed” Golden Goose shoes? My personal favourite pair even has some duct-tape detailing. Werk!

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Anyway, click through the gallery above to see some more ridiculously distressed items you can buy to wear with your beautiful muddy jeans, and let us know what you think by tweeting @YahooStyleCA.

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