This Fall Trend is Straight Out of Your Grandmother’s Closet

We all love our grandmothers, but let’s just say that their fashion sense isn’t always on point. Of course, they make up for this with invaluable qualities like unconditional love and support (one of the countless reasons we adore them). But believe it or not, your grandmother’s style may actually be on trend this fall.

According to the Fall/Winter 2016 runway shows, brands like Miu Miu, Céline, and Balenciaga — all heavy trendsetters within the high-fashion world — have incorporated their own version of the “Granny Sweater” into their collections.

The “Granny Sweater” is a loose term for a baggy, oversized knit, an intarsia sweater, or even that argyle cardigan your grandma is so fond of wearing during the winter months.

Still can’t imagine wanting to borrow your grandma’s style? Click on to see our take on this trend and learn how you can style your own nana’s sweater the modern, chic way this fall.

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