Fans Are Convinced They've Figured Out the Penguin on 'The Masked Singer'

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  • Who is the Penguin on The Masked Singer? We reveal our top theory below.
  • Based on the clues we have so far from season 2, we think the masked singer is [spoiler alert] Tamar Braxton.

One of the last season 2 contestants revealed to The Masked Singer viewers is the Penguin, who is up against the Fox, Eagle, and Purple Flower on Wednesday night's show. Even though the singing competition series hasn't given us very many clues about the Arctic creature so far, we're pretty sure we've figured it out already.

Who is the Penguin on The Masked Singer?

Not to sound cocky or anything, but we're fairly confident in our theory (and after reading it through, you will be, too). After some intense Googling, we totally think the Penguin on The Masked Singer is ... R&B singer Tamar Braxton.

Don't like our guess? You will after hearing our analysis of the clues we have about the Penguin from the show's teaser video:

  • The Penguin said "I might be cold as ice, but I'm bringing the heat."
  • The Arctic bird said they'll be at the finale and that they "already got my tux."
  • The Penguin likes to change their hairstyles.
  • At the end of the teaser, the Penguin declared: "Every time you think you're getting warmer, I promise you're getting colder."

Let's begin with the first clue about "bringing the heat." In fact, Toni Braxton, a.k.a. Tamar's sister, named her third studio album The Heat. Therefore, "bringing the heat" could be the Penguin's way of saying she'll be representing her family name in the competition.

As far as the tux clue goes, there's plenty of evidence out there that Tamar is a fan of the formal attire. The biggest connection though may be that Tamar flaunted a black tux on her album cover for Love and War in 2013. Apart from that, she was also spotted at WE TV's Braxton Family Values reunion special taping in 2011 wearing a white tux coat.

What's more, Tamar has flaunted a lot of different hairstyles over the years, which seems to correlate perfectly to one of the Penguin's clues.

Photo credit: Leon Bennett

And, finally, we have our last clue about "getting colder." If you feel like that clue may hint at song lyrics, we totally agree with you. In Tamar's song "Run, Run," the chorus includes the lyrics: "Run, run, make 'em cold cause he needs her."

Oh, and one more thing —"Run Run" is from Tamar's album Bluebird of Happiness. Bluebird happens to be the name of a chip company in New Zealand whose ad mascot is ...yep, a penguin!

So you're now convinced now, right? Yeah, we thought so. Now go on and brag to your friends that you know the Penguin's identity. We won't tell that you totally got the idea from here ...

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