Fans 'couldn't stop laughing' after Pat Sajak stares down 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant for ruining his joke

George Back
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During Wednesday’s Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak chastised a contestant and thrilled fans with a single look. The game-show host often garners a laugh or two with his unique sense of humor, but viewers were reminded on Wednesday that the show is only big enough for one comedian.

During the player introductions, contestant Greg Wylie discussed his love of competitive historical fencing. “It's more of Renaissance outfits and we do competitive fencing tournaments,” said Wylie. “Basically I go out on the weekend and stab my friends, so it's very cathartic.”

He finished his introduction by saying he had a daughter who had just become a teenager, to which Sajak jokingly replied, “Well, just stay on guard! Fencing humor there.”

After Sajak got a few chuckles, he transitioned into the commercial break but was cut-off by Wylie who dryly responded, “I got the point.” Wylie’s response received even more laughs, which did not please Sajak. He stared intently at the contestant for a moment and then transitioned to the commercial break.

The stare drew numerous reactions from fans on Twitter.

Wylie ended up winning the regular portion of the game and advancing to the bonus puzzle. And Sajak teased the fencing enthusiast for his “rapier wit” as they began the final round. While Wylie didn’t win the final prize, he did walk away with $21,750.

During the closing credits, Sajak told puzzle operator Vanna White, “Apparently, I'm very good at fencing jokes.”

Wheel of Fortune is a syndicated show which airs weekdays. Please visit the show’s site for local listings of time and channel.

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