'Looks like they're covered in warts': Kylie Jenner's water droplet manicure goes viral for all the wrong reasons

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Kylie Jenner's latest manicure is being compared to
Kylie Jenner's latest manicure is being compared to "fungus" online. (Image via Instagram/KylieJenner)

Kylie Jenner's very unique set of claws have left her fans divided.

On Sunday, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star took to Instagram to share a set of photos showing off her latest manicure to her more than 200 million followers. The 23-year-old's latest look included orange-tipped nails with raised dots, meant to look like water droplets. 

Jenner's post was quickly met with criticism from fans who found her nails "gross looking."

"Looks like an overgrown shiny fungus infection," one person commented.

Another fan weighed in claiming the Kardashian-Jenner sisters often try to pull off unseemly styles that fall flat with their audience.

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 "I'm so tired of the Kardashians and Jenners trying to make ugly sh— seem trendy," they said. "Girl, your nails literally look like they belong on a crone's fingers. Really, really not cute. Borderline repulsive, but go off."

"I really, really hate these. Like, they're physically grossing me out to look at," another wrote. "I really wish you'd post some fire content like you usually do instead of subjecting my eyes to your nails that look like they're covered in warts or something. No thank you."

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Others simply found her post to be trivia, boring, and off-brand. "Why is Kylie Jenner posting her nails? That's not why I followed her," someone wrote.

However, not all fans were disappointed by the "creamsicle" look. The photo earned more than 5.4 million likes on Instagram and tons of fire emojis from her loyal fans. 

Although her latest look may have been a miss, Jenner reportedly changes her manicure every week, spending approximately $2,000 per month on her nails. 

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"My mom always drilled it in my head to have nice, pretty nails," Jenner said in an interview with People. "It's just really important to her. Anytime she meets someone, she'll look at your fingernails. I never cared when I was younger and I hated getting my nails done. It just took up my playtime." 

Jenner is so invested in keeping up her nails, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul has spent hours of her day having nail technicians create intricate designs. 

"I've sat literally for four to five hours doing them," Jenner has said. "I used to spend so much time doing the craziest artwork."

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