Fans Are Have A Lot to Say After Seeing Kate Hudson’s Latest Instagram Post About Cosmetic Treatments

Fans Are Have A Lot to Say After Seeing Kate Hudson’s Latest Instagram Post About Cosmetic Treatments

Kate Hudson is joining the wave of celebs speaking about cosmetic treatments, opening up about her use of lasers in a recent Instagram post. But, fans had mixed reactions to the star’s transparency about cosmetic procedures.

The 44-year-old posted a series of pictures from a photo shoot (one including Kate posing with a gold face mask and letter rings reading ALMA) and a video of her receiving the laser treatment. She captioned the seemingly sponsored post: “I’m happy to announce my partnership with ALMA, I’ve been using their lasers for over 10 years, and love the results! I only ever partner with brands that I truly love and can honestly recommend. Alma lasers have been a part of my beauty routine with @nursejamiela forever. Painless and effective ☀️ @almalasers_northamerica #almapartner.”

Alma Lasers is a company that offers skin treatments with a dual laser strategy for skin rejuvenation and scar healing.

Despite Kate's obvious excitement and positivity about the collab, fans had mixed reactions. One person commented, “Selling yourself out. I adore you because I THOUGHT you were natural. I still adore you, but this adds to the pressures of young girls to be effing perfect.” Another wrote, “What’s so wrong about aging🤷♀️.” Another commented, “Oh gee lasers…like regular people can afford that nonsense…what a joke😂.”

On the flip side, some of her fans defended the star’s choice. One wrote, “These comments are so bitter. Kate is not forcing anyone to do these treatments. Please do what you want while she does what she wants.” Another wrote, “You’re the perfect model for them, your skin is gorgeous, you’re the proof! I’m going to be using Alma ❤️.”

One supportive fan was passionate about Kate's honesty and openness about the treatments she’s received: “For people bashing her for this.....realize there are a bunch of celebrities acting like they’re aging gracefully and naturally. Kate is at least being transparent about what she does.”

Kate isn’t alone when it comes to cosmetic treatments to tighten skin for a youthful glow. In the age of social media, more and more celebrities are opening up about their experiences with treatments. Christie Brinkley recently posted an Instagram video of her and Robert Anolik, M.D., a dermatologist, explaining the benefits of laser technology and the importance of body scans for skin cancer screenings.

Reactions to Christie's post were a bit more on the positive side, with fans flooding the comments with support for her transparency about the cosmetic and health benefits of Fraxel laser treatments. One person wrote, “This is excellent on every level! Your willingness to share this & Dr. A.’s wonderful bedside manner makes this a very attractive option for us to look our best & take care of ourselves simultaneously. 👍👍👍😃❣️.” Another commented, “Wow, thanks for sharing!! I’ve heard of this Fraxel laser but was always too afraid of the pain but you made it look so easy.”

All in all, cosmetic treatments are a personal choice. Celebrities’ transparency about what they do to achieve the look they want is ultimately up to them. Whether you love it or hate it, treating people with kindness is always the most beautiful option.

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