Fans are in love with Fox's new blind date dancing show

FOX's new blind date dancing show, Flirty Dancing, premiered Sunday night. The show originated in the U.K., where it has done well. FOX hopes it will find similar success amongst U.S. audiences, and based on the initial responses on social media, it has.

Former World of Dance host Jenna Dewan plays matchmaker on the show which features one person dancing two separate choreographed routines with two potential love interests. No words are spoken, as the only form of communication is dance.

The breathtaking settings for the dances are some of the Los Angeles's most iconic landmarks, like the Hollywood Bowl and Grand Park. It's like a reality dating show meets the film La La Land.

The show isn't just a fun spin on existing dating shows, it also helps with those who have struggled with traditional methods of finding that special someone. For example one romantic hopeful, named Erin, has a high pitched voice which makes her insecure when she meets people, so she has had trouble dating.

“You know, everyone kind of had this similar voice in elementary school, but my voice never changed and that made me insecure," said Erin. "So, I think it's a great opportunity for me to go on the dance floor without them hearing my voice and see if there's that initial chemistry.”

She ended up making a connection with another person who has trouble verbalizing his feelings in a traditional sense. He won her over by composing the intro music to their dance.

Viewers appeared to like the show, with many taking to Twitter to voice their support. And based on the chemistry between the matched couples, Jenna might be seeing a lot more wedding invitations in the near future.