The Fox on 'The Masked Singer' Is Not Jamie Foxx, So Please Just Stop

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Even before he took the stage on The Masked Singer, The Fox managed to blow away the judges with his performance. The show posted a clip to its YouTube page of Jenny McCarthy theorizing about who was behind the Fox's mask, and she couldn't stop praising the vocals. She said that the Fox had the voice, talent, and "It" power of a true star who may have been on Broadway or even won a Tony award. After he sung "This Love" by Maroon Five, Robin Thicke was praising the Fox for moving "like a professional performer." Whoever is under the mask has a true musical spirit.

Who Is the Fox on The Masked Singer?

In the beginning, many of the video clues seemed to point to Jeremy Renner.

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The Fox said in the video, "Some say I'm the most underestimated creature in the entire animal kingdom." And one could argue that his Avengers superhero, Hakweye, gets looked over because he's on a team with powerhouse players like Captain America and Iron Man. The clue package also said that his glowing eye on the costume was the celebrity's own touch. Renner's Marvel superhero is Hawkeye. Maybe he wanted to draw attention to that body part to give a hint to viewers? Also, the Fox was shown on a movie or TV set, indicating that he's an actor like Renner.

Additionally, Renner's voicing an arctic fox character in the upcoming movie Arctic Dogs. Oh, and he can sing.

But after seeing the Fox perform a few times, fans think it's a different celebrity: Whose Line Is It Anyway? star Wayne Brady. One of the clues presented in the new clue package was that the Fox does his best work at night, and Whose Line airs at night.

The Fox also said he'd worked with people from Doogie to Doubtfire — aka Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick) Harris and Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams). Brady has connections to both stars. He played Harris' brother in How I Met Your Mother and worked with Williams before his death. The Nov. 6 episode gave a few more hints that point to Brady. In the pre-performance package, the Fox was discussing how he was picked up a lot as a kid — specifically for his "bark." But he realized if he changed it to sound like the other voices, he got along just fine.

One Twitter user pointed out that Brady stuttered as a kid and was picked on for it as a result .

Another fan thought the "bark" clue might reference Brady's ability to do spot-on impressions.

The Nov. 13 episode handed out a few more clues that fans think point to Brady, like that he is "part of a pack," which some fans think is a reference to his ensemble work on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Additionally the Fox showed off a set list that included the song "You and Me," which is the name of a Wayne Brady song.

So the Fox is pretty obviously Wayne Brady and also pretty obviously not Jamie Foxx despite the judges repeatedly guessing him. Um, hello, Foxx as a Fox? That would be way too easy. Fans have had it up to here with the judges guessing Foxx week after week. Jenny McCarthy even joked that the Fox's revealing item would be Foxx's former girlfriend Katie Holmes. (The item was a boombox.) Please let's stop this madness.

The fox is Wayne Brady (probably), end of story.

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