Fans Knew Who the T-Rex was on 'Masked Singer' Before Any of the Judges

Leah Rocketto
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From Woman's Day

It took three weeks for (some) of The Masked Singer Season 3 judges to get on board with what fans had been saying the whole time. For many viewers, it was not a surprise when the T-Rex was unmasked during the March 25 episode to reveal that a Dance Moms star was underneath the costume. It was just confirmation that they'd been right all along. The judges couldn't say the same until the last minute, when suddenly Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke all got on board the train fans had been riding since the T-Rex's March 11 introduction.

So who is the T-Rex?

When the mask finally came off, the T-Rex was none other than former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa. For weeks the clues had been adding up to her. The hints, coupled with her energetic stage presence had many viewers guessing Siwa long before the judges came around to the idea. At one point, Ken Jeong guessed Kourtney Kardashian, Robin Thicke guessed YouTuber Liza Koshy, and Jenny McCarthy went with a different Dance Moms star — Maddie Ziegler. But in the end it was Siwa under the mask, and fans knew it the whole time.

It was hard to ignore the clues that pointed in her direction. The compass directions "North" and "West" weren't a reference to a Kardashian being the T-Rex, but rather that time that North West came over and starred in one of Siwa's videos. The balloon letter "U" and the mention of subscribers was a nod to Siwa's YouTube presence, where she has over 10 million subscribers. The Double Dare clue wasn't pointing to Double Dare host Liza Koshy, but instead Siwa competing in a Double Dare challenge at VidCon in 2018.

A pair of lips was a nod to the Nickelodeon show Lip Sync Battle Shorties where Siwa co-hosted with Nick Cannon. Oh, and that confusing clue about Lego Batman and poodles? Turns out Siwa went to the Lego Batman premiere wearing shoes that looked like poodles.

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When the truth was revealed, fans were so excited to have been right the whole time. They quickly took to Twitter to brag.

So far, this Masked Singer season has had a lot of shocking reveals (never forget Sarah Palin as the Bear), so it was kind of nice to see this one coming for once. Now onto the Super Nine next week with even more talent we've yet to guess.

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