Fans Think Meghan Markle May Have Given a Pregnancy Clue With Her Latest Legal Move

Kayleigh Roberts
·2 min read

From Marie Claire

  • Earlier this week, a judge in the United Kingdom approved Meghan Markle's request to delay the beginning of the trial for her privacy lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday.

  • The judge delayed the beginning of the trial by almost exactly nine months, prompting many royal watchers to wonder if Meghan might be pregnant with her second child.

  • Adding fuel to the speculation is the fact that the judge granted the postponement on "confidential grounds."

Meghan Markle's latest legal maneuver has some fans convinced that she's pregnant with Baby No. 2 with her husband, Prince Harry. Yes, that's a lot to pull out of a legal maneuver, so let's dig into what is going on here.

Basically, Meghan recently asked the court to delay an upcoming court date in her privacy lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday, which the court granted on "confidential grounds" this week. The trial was scheduled to begin on January 11, but on Thursday, Judge Mr. Justice Warby approved Meghan's motion to postpone the trial, which will now begin no sooner than October 15, 2021.

"My conclusion is that the right decision in all the circumstances is to grant the application," Warby said during a pre-trial hearing at the High Court in London on Thursday, according to People. "That means that the trial date of January 11, 2021, will be vacated and the trial will be refixed for a new date in the autumn."

The fact that the trial was delayed by almost exactly nine months did not escape many royal fans' notice. Several took to Twitter not long after the news broke to share their ~theories~.

Let the rampant royal pregnancy speculation begin (/continue because, honestly, does it ever really stop?).

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