Fantasy Football: 3 most overvalued players

Yahoo Fantasy Football analyst Matt Harmon highlights the overvalued players he's reluctant to draft this season.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I'm Matt Harmon of Yahoo Fantasy here to give you my three overvalued players heading into this coming fantasy season. First guy up is Antonio Gibson. Every year, in Fantasy, there's a back that gets drafted too high that's kind of stuck in that between the 20s role. And what I mean by that is they're just going to get early down work, and they're not going to get goal line touches. And I'm afraid that Antonio Gibson, a player. I actually think is pretty decent as a running back, is kind of stuck in that role right now.

First of all, we know that JD McKissic, who was reassigned to the team, he was this close to going to Buffalo. And Washington values him so much that they just coaxed him right on back. They gave him that same deal that the Bills were going to give him. JD McKissic is going to have his same old passing down role. His same role in the hurry up offense. Antonio Gibson, as much as you might like his receiving ability that he showed in college, he's just not going to have that as long as JD McKissic is around.

And then the Commanders in the draft on the second day of the draft, in round three, they took Brian Robinson. A big bruising back out of Alabama. And talk out of training camp is that Brian Robinson is going to have the short yardage role. That could mean that they plop him in that old role that Peyton Barber had for this team where he was siphoning and vulturing those goal line carries away from Antonio Gibson.

So we're looking at a running back who might have no goal line equity, might have zero passing game equity, and is playing on an offense that we have questions about the quarterback. Yeah. That's a red flag to me in Fantasy. Antonio Gibson's ADP has fallen. I think he needs to fall a little further if I'm going to be drafting him this year.

Next guy up is Jaylen Waddle. And man, this is certainly a case of-- love, love Jaylen Waddle as a player. But the ADP just has me a little cautious right now at wide receiver 14. Jaylen Waddle is an explosive guy who can do more than just those little bunny hop targets that he got last year. He can win down the field. But the Dolphins added Tyreek Hill, who's a top five wide receiver in the NFL. He's going to command a dominant target share.

Jaylen Waddle I think will still finish behind Tyreek Hill in overall targets this year. And now we're looking at the number two receiver on a team with a questionable quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa. And a team that might run the ball a ton with Mike McDaniel as the offensive coordinator. So for me Jaylen Waddle, I've got him ranked a few spots below his consensus ADP. He's just not a guy in that early fourth round type area where he goes off the board, I'm looking at other receivers there. A few other running backs. Just having found Jaylen Waddle on a lot of my teams as much as I love the player.

And man, oh this last one kills me. I've been a huge Chris Godwin fan since he came into the NFL out of Penn State. And awesome wide receiver. But coming off a late season torn ACL last year, he's still going off the board as wide receiver 22. That's too high for me. That doesn't bake in enough risk. And I know he didn't start on the PUP. But a lot of that is because the Bucs still want him to take part in drills with trainers. They don't just want him working off to the side and rehabbing. They want him get a little bit work in.

But there's still a risk that he might not be 100% until like October during the regular season. That's a long time to wait if you're taking him as a top 24 wide receiver. We know the Bucs added guys like Russell Gage and Julio Jones this offseason. When he's healthy, Chris Godwin is better than those guys right now. Chris Godwin holds a much better role in this Tom Brady passing game than those guys will. But again, it's a when he's healthy. I would love to take Chris Godwin later on in the draft. But right now, just going a little too high for me.