After being fat-shamed on a flight, this woman dropped 71 lbs

Image via Instagram/healthymamanz

Kayla Martin was well aware of her weight when she arrived at Auckland, New Zealand airport wearing a puffy black jacket. The mom-of-three had become accustomed to hiding her insecurities beneath oversized pieces of clothes.

It wasn’t until boarding her Australia-bound flight that a flight attendant’s hurtful comments would change the course of her life.

Martin took to Instagram to share the words that ultimately triggered a dramatic transformation.

After struggling to reach her seatbelt around her waist, “the airline hostess found it appropriate to announce in the middle of a quiet plane that due to my size, I would need to use the seat belt extension that moms traveling [with] babies needed and maybe next time I should consider booking two seats to accommodate for my size to ensure a more ‘comfortable’ flight for myself and other passengers,” she wrote.

While the remark was incredibly hurtful, Martin found a way to turn the flight attendant’s sting into a 71 lb weight-loss triumph.


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“The feeling of pure embarrassment and shame is something I’ll never forget. I loved myself so little back then that I let that airline hostess treat me that way,” she wrote.

“I believed I wasn’t deserving of the same respect that she was showing the rest of the passengers because in my head, I was worth less than every skinny person on that plane.”

Today, the 25-year-old has found a way to love her body.


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“The day I started LOVING myself enough to start taking care of ME and nourishing my body was the day I turned a new page,” she said.

Using the Instagram name healthymamanz, Martin began posting regular updates on her progress towards better health.

Her main goal, she said, is learning to love and accept herself unconditionally.


“Don’t forget babes, no matter your size or shape, colour or culture, you are worth just as much as everyone else,” she said.

“Love yourself enough to take a stand for yourself and doing things for YOU. The rest will start to fall into place from there. I am a walking testament to that.”

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