FBI chief and deputy targeted by Trump both underwent rare intensive IRS audits, report says

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Former FBI Director James Comey (Getty Images for Politicon)
Former FBI Director James Comey (Getty Images for Politicon)

Two high-ranking FBI officials who became the personal enemies of Donald Trump when he was president were later targeted by the IRS for rare audits of their tax filings that experts say raise questions about whether the move was political.

James Comey and Andrew McCabe, former FBI director and deputy director, respectively, were audited by the IRS after leaving the agency following the Trump-Russia investigation which infuriated then-President Donald Trump and led to his claims that the “deep state” was working to overthrow him. The New York Times first reported their audits on Wednesday, noting that the two did not know about the coincidence themselves until a Times reporter informed them.

The odds of being selected for such detailed audits are slim to begin with; just a few thousand Americans are subject to them each year. The likelihood that two top former FBI officials who were both personal foes of the president being selected is slimmer still.

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