Female freestyle soccer player does incredible tricks in heels

Lisa Zimouche has skills. (Photo: YouTube/Lisa Freestyle)
Lisa Zimouche has skills. (Photo: YouTube/Lisa Freestyle)

Freestyle soccer champion Lisa Zimouche just further proved that women can do anything men can do, and then some.

Soccer? Sure, David Beckham’s great, but have you seen Abby Wambach or Mia Hamm? What about Lisa Zimouche? The 18-year-old freestyle soccer star has ultra-fancy footwork. She can do absolutely anything the boys can do, plus she can do it in heels.

Zimouche posted a video a few weeks ago of herself freestyling around Paris while wearing tight jeans and 3-inch heels. She dribbled, tossed, kicked, and did other tricks we cannot put into words, all while wearing her pumps. At one point, she managed to kick the ball in between a random passerby’s legs without the woman even being aware of it. Then there was the bouncing from her knee to her toes. It is all insanely impressive.

Zimouche isn’t the only female athlete who has mastered her sport in heels. Australian surfer Maud Le Car and Cynthia Rowley’s daughter Kit Keenan can both surf in heels. Meanwhile, Julia Plecher holds the Guinness world record for the fastest 100-meter dash in sparkly gold stilettos at 14.531 seconds. Faith Dickey walked across a wire hundreds of feet in the air while wearing 3-inch heels. Canadian Lia Grimanis set a world record on the Today show by pulling a 17-ton truck in heels to raise awareness for women and homelessness.

Then there are the celebrities who have also mastered the art of high heels. Ivanka Trump played golf in black and white heels, while the Duchess of Cambridge played field hockey in knee-high high-heeled boots. And fashion photographer Hanneli Mustaparta bikes from fashion show to fashion show in Louboutins.

And us? Well, we can walk down the New York City subway steps in heels. Not nearly as difficult as what these women are doing, but if you’ve ever tried it, you know it’s not easy.

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