Ferrari's First EV Will Not Be Silent

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Ferrari's First EV Will Not Be SilentNurPhoto - Getty Images

It has been three years since Ferrari first announced a plan to produce an electric car at the end of 2025. Now that the brand is just a few months from opening its first facility dedicated to EV and hybrid component manufacturing, CEO Benedetto Vigna is finally willing to share some information about the car. We do not know the size, the shape, or the performance target for the car, but we do know this: The Ferrari EV will make a sound.

In an interview with CNBC, Vigna says that Ferrari is working to develop "sound signatures" for the car that are meant to "stir emotions." That sounds like supercar-manufacturer code for a synthetic exhaust note, either one that emulates the noises made by a real engine or a more unique sound design that challenges the idea of what a car should sound like.

By going with an artificial "sound signature," Ferrari joins unlikely allies at Hyundai and Dodge in deciding that electric performance cars are best experienced with the familiar audio accompaniment of an exhaust note. The Dodge "Fratzonic chambered exhaust" system debuting on the Charger Daytona does not have a finalized sound yet, but early concept noises sounded something like a synthesized V-8. Hyundai's "N e-shift" system from the Ioniq 5 N goes one step further and actually replicates the torque delivery and gear shifting experience of an internal combustion car.

Ferrari's "sound signatures" could be something as aggressive as the Dodge system or something more conservative, like a simple whirring noise piped into the cabin while drivers engage a certain performance setting. Whatever the case, we will find out how an electric Ferrari sounds when the car debuts in the second half of 2025.

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