If I Need to Fight Someone to Get ‘Road House 2,’ I Absolutely Will

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I’ll Fight Someone For ‘Road House 2’Amazon Prime

This story does not contain spoilers for Road House (2024). You're safe...for now.

When Esquire’s entertainment team heard there was a Road House remake in the works, it sparked some skepticism among our writers. Sure, watching Jake Gyllenhaal portray a beefy dive-bar bouncer seemed like a no-brainer, but what if it was corny? No one can emulate Patrick Swayze! Thankfully, Gyllenhaal made Road House entirely his own, and we’re happy to report that the Doug Liman–directed remake is an absolute riot.

Now that the film is streaming on Prime Video, all we can think about is when we’ll be reunited with our Florida friends in Road House 2. I don’t care what the Swifties think! We could all use a little more Jacked Gyllenhaal in our lives.

But first, let’s backtrack a bit. For anyone catching up, Road House is a reimagining of 1989’s Patrick Swayze–led macho classic. The original film follows James Dalton (Swayze), a seemingly unassuming dude who’s hired to keep the peace at a Missouri bar. Naturally, things go to shit when a group of troublemakers confronts Dalton. They assume he’s about as strong as he looks (“I thought you’d be bigger!”), but to their surprise, Dalton has a few tricks up his sleeve. Gyllenhaal’s Road House follows a similar beat. Only this time, his version of Dalton definitely looks like he can kick ass—and for an hour and 54 minutes, he absolutely does. Yeah, we want more.

Unfortunately, Road House 2 hasn’t been announced yet, but never say never. So far, it sounds like fans are loving Road House just as much as Esquire did. Director Doug Liman received a standing ovation after the film’s premiere at SXSW. According to Variety, the audience cheered, “Doug! Doug! Doug!” during the post-screening Q&A. “I want to thank our incredible director,” said Gyllenhaal. “He’s in the audience tonight. He’s been a friend for over fifteen years, [and] I’ve wanted to work with him for that time. We’re so lucky. He’s so brilliant, and the movie is, too.”

If all goes well, Road House’s success will warrant a sequel. They can’t leave fans hanging, right? If Liman continues with the franchise, he’ll most likely ignore the original’s forgettable sequel, 2006’s Road House 2. It starred Johnathon Schaech as Shane Tanner, an undercover agent who helps his uncle save his bar from some local thugs.

No matter what happens, there’s a certain character we absolutely need to see again. Fingers crossed, people.

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