The final season of 'You' is coming, and a few key characters could return for a final showdown with Joe

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Penn Badgley as Joe in "You."Netflix
  • The upcoming fifth season of "You" will be the show's final season on Netflix.

  • Penn Badgley and Charlotte Ritchie are set to return as Joe and Kate, respectively.

  • Anna Camp and Griffin Matthews recently joined the cast as Joe's siblings-in-law.

Joe Goldberg is due to return to Netflix for his final round of hijinks — which, knowing Joe, will likely mean deception, betrayal, and plenty of murder.

The bingeable drama "You," starring Penn Badgley in the lead role, will air its fifth and final season this year. Keep reading for everything we know so far.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for "You" season four.

We'll see Joe finally embrace his true self

Season four ended with Joe sitting pretty, having once again escaped repercussions for his slew of violent crimes. He was finally able to confront and accept his villainous nature — a perspective that will surely be explored in season five.

"In the writers' room, we used to joke that one of these days the 'hello, you' will be Joe saying hello to the real Joe," showrunner Sera Gamble said. "We wanted to go there with Joe, and we've spent the last couple seasons making sure he becomes increasingly unhinged."

Charlotte Ritchie as Kate and Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg on the season four finale of "You."
Charlotte Ritchie as Kate and Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg on the season four finale of "You."Netflix

The fourth season finale sees Joe settled back in New York City, where the series began, with his latest girlfriend Kate Lockwood (Charlotte Ritchie).

Although Joe has opened up to Kate about a fraction of his criminal past, the couple is apparently protected by the vast resources of Kate's wealthy family.

We can expect season five to be something of a return to form for Joe — though he's now fully unhinged, no longer shielded by his self-styled anti-hero narrative.

"We liked the idea that he's been in exile and he's gone to a lot of different places. He assumed a very different identity in Season 4, and we talked about it as the return of Joe Classic," Gamble said. "When he returns to New York, he's exactly the kind of person he could only ever watch from very far away the last time he was in New York. He has all of the privilege he only ever dreamed of, and also judged, before."

New cast members include Anna Camp and Griffin Matthews, while fans have theorized about returning characters

In addition to Badgley and Ritchie, Netflix announced on Wednesday that Anna Camp and Griffin Matthews have officially joined the "You" cast.

"Anna plays BOTH Reagan and Maddie Lockwood — twin sisters-in-law to Joe Goldberg and Griffin plays Teddy Lockwood — the snarky, yet loyal brother-in-law," explained the show's official X account. "Everything's fine over here..."

Although we didn't see Joe and Kate tie the knot in season four, Joe does hint at marital plans in the finale. Remember, a wedding would mean securing Joe's access to Kate's wealth — and more security to conceal his wrongdoing.

Madeline Brewer has also been cast as "a young woman who makes Joe reconsider his new life," per Netflix's TUDUM website.

It's also possible that Amy-Leigh Hickman will reprise her role as Nadia, Joe's former protégée that he ended up framing for murder, though her return hasn't been confirmed.

"I would love to come back and play her again," Hickman told Digital Spy.

Other potential reprisals (in other words, the few people in Joe's orbit who are still alive) include Tati Gabrielle as Marienne, Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, John Stamos as Dr. Nicky, and Jenna Ortega as Ellie.

In fact, a "You" fan event in Brazil last summer teased Ortega's imminent return. (She was meant to return for season four, but was foiled by scheduling conflicts.)

"I've heard you're on the edge of your seats waiting and theorizing about the epic conclusion of 'You,'"  Badgley said in a video. "More importantly, you're considering what — or should I say who — Joe will come up against as he finally returns to New York."

"Though I can't say who just yet, we all know there are many loose ends from Joe's past," he added.

The season five premiere date has not yet been announced.

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